Sunday, October 6, 2013

T Minus 5 days, 20 hours, 36 minutes

Well yesterday was interesting.

I didn't get scorned for switching the koa wood display.

But it seemed like the boss lady decided to write me a list of things not to do, and she recited them to me. Jesus F Christ!

Apparently I left the computer on the night before. Therefore Pandora was still playing. I listen to the Jack Johnson channel, and she doesn't like JJ, so doesn't want me to play it. I'll just have to remember to turn off the computer and cover my tracks, coz that's about as easy going as I get, musically speaking.

I looked up something for a visitor on the web, apparently she saw that in the history and didn't like it. Told me the gallery owner would fire me. I told her she needed to watch Miracle on 34th street.

And there was a handful of other stupid things. Closed minds are the worst. Oh well.

I had few sales for myself. I was eager to get to today... A day off.


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