Monday, October 7, 2013

T Minus 4 days, 8 hours, 51 minutes

I'm getting very tired of writing posts with the tablet.

I'm also very distracted and because it's annoying I can easily forget to do it.

I should have the computer any day now. Hoping for tomorrow. It is at the post office, I believe, awaiting me to pick it up.

Anyway, yesterday was an artful day. So you won't hear much about it here, and I'm not ready to show what I made yet so there's nothing new on TripleC.

Today I worked in the Lahaina gallery. I worked the manager shift and I get along really well with the gal who worked commission. She was on cloud 9 all day because she just became a first time grandmother last night. She could hardly contain her joy. I was not far behind her... I'm so eager for this week to be over, as with the last 3 months, I just want my ohana to be together again.

I'm working the next 2 days. I have Thursday off to prep for Friday and Saturday, which of course I have those days of too, for collecting of my ohana.

I'll try keep up here, the best I can!


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