Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 Days of Reunion

Let the emotional rollercoaster begin.

Yesterday morning I set out to catch a series of buses to Kahului where I would be renting the biggest possible SUV Avis would rent me, and then pick up the dogs at the Hawaii Dept of Agriculture.

As I headed out my neighbor offered me a ride. So I was pretty early for the whole process.

Brian, my direct-release agent between the DOA, our new vet, and myself, showed up early too. We did all of the paper work ahead of time so that as soon as he checked the dogs in all I needed to do was sign a paper.

The dogs showed up on one of those luggage cars, curtain drawn shut. The TSA agent drew back the curtain and first revealed the boys crate, him inside quivering. I called out to him and fear became excitement. They had to bring him in inside the carrier. Then she drew back the curtain the rest of the way to reveal a very calm cool and collected blind dog. I called out her name and her head popped up like she thought "Mom, holy shit I thought you are dead!" And the tail wagging began. They repeated the process of moving crated dog into the building.

The TSA agent left and the vet agent opened Lexi's crate first, he inspected her general health and sent me out with her on the leash to let her relieve herself and stretch her legs. Repeat procedure with Ricky. But when we were opening his the water bowl splashed all over us.

Both dogs checked out quickly. I loaded the dogs in the SUV, then We managed to get the crates in the SUV and we headed home. The pups were very happy to be with me again, the remains of the day consisted of many puppy kisses.

I needed to get to sleep early but I was entirely too anxious for this morning to come.

I woke up at 5am and shortly after headed to Kahului again. I returned the SUV and took a shuttle to the airport baggage claim zone. I had about an hour to wait around. I paced the airport.

I got texted from The Hubby while he awaited his connection in Honolulu. Before I knew it he was on Maui. I stood up high on a ledge where I could see over people and obstacles...

As soon as I had him in my sight, I jumped down, I took about 3 steps which quickly turned into a sprint. I couldn't wait to have him back.

<skipping the mushy stuff>

We grabbed his luggage and headed to get something to drink  while we waited at the bus stop.

We had nearly an hour of waiting for a bus. No big deal, we were just happy to be together.

Three bus rides and 2 blocks of walking, with wheel-less luggage, later, we were home. You could see the joy in the pups body language to have us all back together again.

We tried to nap. Fail. So we took a walk with the dogs to get some lunch at No. 1 BBQ.

Then when we got back it was for sure nap time.

After our nap, we walked with out the dogs to the bike shop, looked for a bike for The Hubby, didn't buy yet. Then on to grab a Monster Energy Drink and along Front Street to look for new slippahs for him. We found some at the Billabong shop.

We headed home to feed the pups and chill a bit before finding food for ourselves. We went to a local smokehouse for kalua pig. It was OK.

A quick trip to ACE for batteries and hangers before coming home to chill out some more before bed time.

Tomorrow's a new day.


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I sincerely wish the both of you ( and the furry kids ) a happy and healthy new beginning in paradise. Glad you are finally reunited and ready to move forward in a positive direction for your lives. I'll miss you guys but have fond memories and hope to see you again down the road sometime. May Peace, Love and Happiness be yours. ALOHA