Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 Days of Reunion

Let the emotional rollercoaster begin.

Yesterday morning I set out to catch a series of buses to Kahului where I would be renting the biggest possible SUV Avis would rent me, and then pick up the dogs at the Hawaii Dept of Agriculture.

As I headed out my neighbor offered me a ride. So I was pretty early for the whole process.

Brian, my direct-release agent between the DOA, our new vet, and myself, showed up early too. We did all of the paper work ahead of time so that as soon as he checked the dogs in all I needed to do was sign a paper.

The dogs showed up on one of those luggage cars, curtain drawn shut. The TSA agent drew back the curtain and first revealed the boys crate, him inside quivering. I called out to him and fear became excitement. They had to bring him in inside the carrier. Then she drew back the curtain the rest of the way to reveal a very calm cool and collected blind dog. I called out her name and her head popped up like she thought "Mom, holy shit I thought you are dead!" And the tail wagging began. They repeated the process of moving crated dog into the building.

The TSA agent left and the vet agent opened Lexi's crate first, he inspected her general health and sent me out with her on the leash to let her relieve herself and stretch her legs. Repeat procedure with Ricky. But when we were opening his the water bowl splashed all over us.

Both dogs checked out quickly. I loaded the dogs in the SUV, then We managed to get the crates in the SUV and we headed home. The pups were very happy to be with me again, the remains of the day consisted of many puppy kisses.

I needed to get to sleep early but I was entirely too anxious for this morning to come.

I woke up at 5am and shortly after headed to Kahului again. I returned the SUV and took a shuttle to the airport baggage claim zone. I had about an hour to wait around. I paced the airport.

I got texted from The Hubby while he awaited his connection in Honolulu. Before I knew it he was on Maui. I stood up high on a ledge where I could see over people and obstacles...

As soon as I had him in my sight, I jumped down, I took about 3 steps which quickly turned into a sprint. I couldn't wait to have him back.

<skipping the mushy stuff>

We grabbed his luggage and headed to get something to drink  while we waited at the bus stop.

We had nearly an hour of waiting for a bus. No big deal, we were just happy to be together.

Three bus rides and 2 blocks of walking, with wheel-less luggage, later, we were home. You could see the joy in the pups body language to have us all back together again.

We tried to nap. Fail. So we took a walk with the dogs to get some lunch at No. 1 BBQ.

Then when we got back it was for sure nap time.

After our nap, we walked with out the dogs to the bike shop, looked for a bike for The Hubby, didn't buy yet. Then on to grab a Monster Energy Drink and along Front Street to look for new slippahs for him. We found some at the Billabong shop.

We headed home to feed the pups and chill a bit before finding food for ourselves. We went to a local smokehouse for kalua pig. It was OK.

A quick trip to ACE for batteries and hangers before coming home to chill out some more before bed time.

Tomorrow's a new day.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 days, 10 hours, 25 minutes *SCREAM!*

I can hardly contain my anticipation.

I think I am getting on my coworkers nerves. We started rubbing each other the wrong way today, nearly bumping heads. Hopefully when the dust settles and my family is reunited my vibes will be a little less defensive.

I am not going to get into the pettiness that is lingering in the gallery lately. But thankfully today was my friday and I have 4 days off in a row.

I actually cracked a beer today. I was holding out, I was saving them for the Hubby. I had to have one, afterall theres no Xanax is my reach :)

My new hand painted Bike Bell came today.
Cool huh!

Oh, the computer came yesterday! I am very glad to be typing this on a real computer.
I set it up in the window shelf in the bedroom, with a plastic crappy patio chair that is very uncomfortable but it will do until I get my desk chair I guess. Better than laying on the bed trying to type on the tablet.

Tomorrow I get everything ready. Aside from housework, I've got to call the vet and go over the info on what to do friday morning when it is time to pick up my pooches.

I'm gonna finish this beer and watch some Supernatural and then go to sleep!


Monday, October 7, 2013

T Minus 4 days, 8 hours, 51 minutes

I'm getting very tired of writing posts with the tablet.

I'm also very distracted and because it's annoying I can easily forget to do it.

I should have the computer any day now. Hoping for tomorrow. It is at the post office, I believe, awaiting me to pick it up.

Anyway, yesterday was an artful day. So you won't hear much about it here, and I'm not ready to show what I made yet so there's nothing new on TripleC.

Today I worked in the Lahaina gallery. I worked the manager shift and I get along really well with the gal who worked commission. She was on cloud 9 all day because she just became a first time grandmother last night. She could hardly contain her joy. I was not far behind her... I'm so eager for this week to be over, as with the last 3 months, I just want my ohana to be together again.

I'm working the next 2 days. I have Thursday off to prep for Friday and Saturday, which of course I have those days of too, for collecting of my ohana.

I'll try keep up here, the best I can!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

T Minus 5 days, 20 hours, 36 minutes

Well yesterday was interesting.

I didn't get scorned for switching the koa wood display.

But it seemed like the boss lady decided to write me a list of things not to do, and she recited them to me. Jesus F Christ!

Apparently I left the computer on the night before. Therefore Pandora was still playing. I listen to the Jack Johnson channel, and she doesn't like JJ, so doesn't want me to play it. I'll just have to remember to turn off the computer and cover my tracks, coz that's about as easy going as I get, musically speaking.

I looked up something for a visitor on the web, apparently she saw that in the history and didn't like it. Told me the gallery owner would fire me. I told her she needed to watch Miracle on 34th street.

And there was a handful of other stupid things. Closed minds are the worst. Oh well.

I had few sales for myself. I was eager to get to today... A day off.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

T Minus 6 days, 20 hours, 37 minutes : but whose counting

Yesterday morning I was just taking it easy with my day before heading to work. I had no particular plans.

Then I got a text message from the boss lady who wanted me to come in a bit early.

In the mean time I was watching twitter feed new posts pretty frequently of The Hubby trying to wedge the jeep into the shipping containment. That was nuts! I will get to watch him unload it in a few weeks.

I was thinking about how it would be a long day at work... But the AC in the gallery is quirky and has condensation leaks in a few places in the gallery. One of those places is over a koa woodwork display, and the boss lady put a vase where most of the drippage occurs to catch it. Yesterday someone picked up the vase to see its price and spilled the water all over many koa pieces... The good news is she bought the vase.

While cleaning up the water I saw where some of the pieces were getting ruined by the water. I took it upon myself to switch the koa display with a pottery display. At least pottery is naturally water proof. I'll probably get hell for taking liberty like that, but I bet the owner will appreciate my actions.

So that process, which also involved cleaning the shelves, took up over half of the shift.

Sales weren't bad but weren't good either. It is like working for tips, you can't expect or count on them.

When I got home my neighbor was outside. I talked to her for a few minutes and then I decided to ask her if she had a table lamp I could borrow. Turns out the last resident of this condo asked her the same thing and so she let me use the same lamp. How funny is that. So I have light in my bedroom again. It has a 60 watt bulb in it, brighter than I'm used to for bedside light.

Having light last night didn't do much for me. I got home at 10pm and just went to bed. But tomorrow on my day off, I'll be glad to have it if I'm being artful into the evening hours.


Friday, October 4, 2013

T Minus 7!

Last night when I got off work my brain was mush! We were busy all day, I barely had time to drink my coffee, I drank very little water, took no lunch break, and only 1 shi shi break.

I had two return customers from my commission day so I made a little commission while on a manager shift, I was thrilled.

On my way to work, in cruising along front Street on my bike, I got passed by a lady on her bike with a chocolate lab on a leash who is happily galloping along side her.

After I parked my bike, I went in Bad Ass for my cuppa Joe, and there was 2 younger gals in there who had a tiny but fat and old chihuahua-mutt like looking pooch on a leash.

I headed over to the gallery to open up. As soon as I opened the doors the people were non-stop! I was glad to see my customer from Monday come back in. It was her last day and I think she knew what she wanted, and then some. She would pick something up, pile it on the counter and soon she had a hill of goodies awaiting her to pay for them. It was crazy, but her bill was nearly $500, so that's good for me!

Her friend did the same thing and had a pile of stuff too, but I didn't see her Monday so I didn't take credit, to be fair.

The constant flow of customers continued and my commissioned coworker wasn't in yet, but luckily for her the flow maintained most of the day when she was in.

I was starved by 5:30 and able to leave then too. When I got to my bike, I saw the most unusual sight.

Its a walker, with a bag of something locked up to the bike rack! Craziness! How's the old guy getting around with out the walker?

The evening temps have been so nice here, I really enjoyed the ride home. I was thinking The Hubby would be chilled by these temps, I dunno, we shall see how freeze baby does.

I need to get a bell for my bike, even tho it is hot pink, and I often wear the same color or other bright colors, pedestrians scare the sh!t out of me, I don't think they see me. I feel the need to ring the bell as I approach the crosswalk areas. I'll be shopping amazon for one this morning.

This time next week we should all be together again. What a long week it is going to be.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

T Minus 8.5 - lampless

This morning I rode my bike to the post office to send The Hubby some paperwork, then to ACE to look for a lamp.

I hoped to find a small $10 lamp to put on the bed side table where the old one was. I don't even know how to get the bulb out of the oldie, let alone replace it. And since it isn't even mine, I best not risk breaking it. Well ACE had nothing under $30. I am not going to spend that on something that's not even attractive.

I didn't leave empty handed tho. I got a couple art supplies.

I now have a plan to go to Kahului Sunday to find a lamp at Walmart. Oh joy!

The rest of my day was spent in spent in an artful way, aside from the delivery of Jeep parts and TP from Amazon.

So I'm going to head over to TripleC to talk art now.


T Minus 9.5- sleep schedule

Yesterday I woke up before 8am on my own - no alarm! I have no idea why. Maybe subconsciously I'm trying to get back in the schedule the rest of my family keeps.

The boy dog likes to wake up and be feed at 8am! He's relentless too. He will sit on you if he has to, in order to wake you up.

I was asleep last night by 10 (maybe closer to 9). I was tired, the Lahaina gallery was a polar opposite to the Ka'anapali gallery all day.

A cruise ship ported and this group had money, everyone bought art yesterday. Sadly it was not my commission shift. But at least someone got to benefit from it. We were running like chickens with our heads cut off all day! I was so glad to leave.

My bike ride home I pedaled so slowly my legs did not want to be pedaling at all, but the thought of walking my bike for a mile was worse.

I made it home. I could have collapsed in bed immediately but I was also starved. I was called back into work when I stepped out to eat lunch and so I didn't get to eat much lunch.

I had some dinner, frozen stuffed potatoes, and curled up in bed with no will or energy to write about the day.

I woke up this morning maybe a little after 8am. I'm off work today so I have errands and art to do.